Scottish Driveway Maintenance - Telephone 07772 150 401

Scottish Driveway Maintenance (SDM) is a family owned business based in Edinburgh, Scotland, operating driveway
cleaning services in Fife, Edinburgh and the central belt of Scotland.

SDM specialise in the professional cleaning and renovation of monoblock, tegula, concrete and natural stone

driveways, forecourts, drives, patios and decking. Using commercial high pressure water equipment we thoroughly
clean the surface, apply long lasting weedkiller, re-sand and seal the driveway or patio surface.


In nearly all cases we can make the driveway look just as it did when it was first laid!




SDM principally serves the residential market but also provides cleaning and maintenance services to the commercial sector,

where it has particular experience of providing a turnkey solution for the cleaning and maintenance

of beer gardens and other exterior areas of hotels and public houses.


SDM is an associate company of Roof Revival, a company that specialises in the renovation of tiled

roofs of residential properties within the central belt of Scotland.


For a free quotation please telephone 07772 150 401 or,




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